This is my first educational game. I made it with unity game engine

It’s a game app for beginners and experts of Maths!
Improve your Maths Skills. It’s easy! The game generates millions of mathematical operations! Test your skills now!

It’s a cool game for kids and adults, from beginners to experts!
✓ Get some serious maths training by playing this game.
✓ Test your maths skills at a race against time or against a friend.
✓ Boost your confidence.
✓ If you are a student, raise your grades at maths by training at maths operations.
✓ If you are a maths teacher you can use this educational game to create a fun atmosphere in the classroom.
✓ If you are a maths lover, challenge yourself and play this game.

• Training: This maths game enables you to improve your skills at solving maths operations. Try to give the correct answer! If you receive feedback at once!

• Time attack: This is a race against time, as you try to unlock the game’s achievements. To do that you must be focused and think fast! The difficulty of the operations is gradually increased making the game and more and more challenging.

• 1vs1: This is an opportunity to challenge your friends and become a “show- off” when it comes to your Maths skills. You can choose the kind of operations and the level of difficulty that you want to compete on.

You can downloaded from play store

the free version (include ads)

The pro version
(no ads)

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